Jaime Villate

Jaime Villate

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics Engineering
Engineering School, University of Porto, Portugal
Email: villate@fe.up.pt


B. S. in Physics, 1983, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá. Computer Science (Ingeniería de Sistemas), 1984, Universidad Distrital de Bogotá. M. A. in Physics, 1987 and Ph. D. in Physics, 1990, University of Rochester, NY, USA.


Postdoc, 1990, University of Rochester, NY, USA. Postdoc, 1990-1992, Complexo Interdisciplinar II do INIC, Lisbon, Portugal. Assistant Professor at the Engineering School of the University of Porto, FEUP, since 1992.

Research areas

Small satellites, Computer Algebra (CAS) and E-learning Systems.