ParseWiki. A simple documentation system based on ASCII text

Parsewiki is a Perl script that can be used to produce HTML, XHTML, Latex or DocBook/XML from a simple ASCII text source document, with minimum syntax rules (the source for this document is an example of it).


All you have to do is copy the parsewiki script somewhere where you can execute it. You need to have perl installed; no additional libraries or perl modules are required.


Read the manual that accompanies this distribution. There are also a (Spanish version) and a Portuguese version. You should also use

   ./parsewiki --help

to see a summary of the options and usage of parsewiki.


This program is based on Mod Use Wiki, version 0.92 (April 21, 2001) by Clifford A. Adams. Some subroutines are almost identical to the original ones, except for a few bugs corrected.

A few additional syntax rules were added: the use of ,, for fixed-space fonts, the provision for figures in a local directory and the use of meta-information. The generation of the output file was completely re-implemented using templates, and three more output formats were added, since Use Mod Wiki can only produce HTML.


This is a beta version (0.4). Please report bugs to Jaime Villate <>.

Porto, Portugal, 2002/04/11