Jaime E. Villate. University of Porto, Portugal

This is a list of the main software packages that I have written and published.

  1. physics.asy. A module which adds some functionalities to Asymptote specially aimed at making the kind of illustrations that are found in Physics textbooks. The manual is available in HTML and PDF.
  2. Maxima. I am one of the developers of this Computer Algebra System. My main contribution has been the newest versions of the plotting programs, a module for the graphical analysis of dynamical systems, functions to solve systems of differential equations numerically, a combinatorics module and a package to simulate quantum computing circuits. I have also made many improvements to the graphical interface Xmaxima.
  3. psimage. An old package that I wrote in the 1980's to make the illustrations for my Ph. D. thesis. I continued to improve it and use it for my books through the 2000's but now I use Asymptote instead.
  4. parsewiki. A package available in the Debian and Ubuntu repositories. It produces HTML, XHTML, Latex or DocBook/XML from a simple ASCII text source document, with minimum syntax rules as those found in a wiki. I wrote that script around 2000 but I no longer use it since I now produce the HTML versions of my books directly from the LaTeX sources.