Other interests

Jaime E. Villate. University of Porto, Portugal

Drawing and Painting

I like to paint with oils and draw with pencils. I took painting lessons at the University of Rochester (Diane Sophrin), the Memorial Art Gallery of Rochester (Lynne Feldman and Peter Berg) and the Rochester Institute of Technology (Barry Dalgleish). In Porto I've had drawing lessons at Atelier de Arte Realista do Porto (Daniel Gamelas) and painting lessons with Martinho Correia.

Portrait of Kirchhoff

Portrait of Gustav Robert Kirchhoff. Graphite pencil. 2020.

Portrait of Poisson

Portrait of Siméon-Denis Poisson. Graphite pencil. 2020.

I have recently helped with the project to restore the Mercy's Church at Santa Maria da Feria, Portugal. I did the paintings for the ceiling and painted the cover of the harpsichord.

Harpsichord from the Mercy's Church at Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal

Cover of the harpsichord from the Mercy's Church at Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. Oil on wood, 2021.

Self-portrait of Jaime Villate

Self-portrait. Oil on canvas, 30cm x 40 cm, 2022.

Vector graphics

Vector graphics are images which are defined from geometric shapes and algebraic equations. I like to create them without using any graphics program but writing the code directly with a text editor. I started using the PostScript language but I have lately switched to SVG. The following figure shows some logotypes I have created (left), the vector graphics version I made for some existing ones (middle) and an illustration in one of my books (right).

Vector graphics by Jaime Villate

Intercultural exchange

I like to participate in intercultural exchange programs. I worked with the Rochester International Friendship Council in the late 1980's and during the last years I have been a volunteer at Intercultura/ AFS (Portugal) and I have hosted several students from various countries.